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Security expect in jail over G20 case

by on21 July 2010

Even though it is unlikely he was a terrorist
A computer expert who was trying the security at the G20 summit charges has been refused bail after days of hearings. Justice of the Peace Mary Anne Ross-Hendricks ruled Byron Sonne, 37, must remain in jail until his trail.

On June 22, police converged on Sonne’s home on Elderwood Dr. and arrested him on a slew of charges, the most serious of which is possession of an explosive. He also faces charges of mischief and intimidating a justice system participant.

Sonne was well-respected in his field of computer security his customers included Circle Network Security and FSC Internet. Almost everyone knows he is not a terrorist and certainly would not play with explosives. Three weeks ago, Sonne had joked he was the last guy counter-terrorism officials would be prone to investigate. However he did share his plans to protest the G20.

Most of his mates seem to think that something that does not merit the severe repercussions that are going on. One even said that in two years, Byron Sonne will be a social media hero. He will be a cause célèbre and the Free Byron movement will be quite substantial.

Julian Dunn, who worked with Sonne in 2003 said he is an agent provocateur. He likes to push buttons and challenge the security apparatus. Most see all this as a stunt which got out of hand.
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