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Smaller MacBook Air rumoured

by on15 July 2010

11.6-inch Air thin as hair
Apple’s Macbook Air is one of the few Apple products that has not undergone any significant changes since it launched in 2007. Despite that, the Air is still one of the best looking notebooks on the market and very few competitors come close in terms of looks or build quality.

However, according to Digitimes, Apple is planning to introduce an all new Air notebook in a smaller, 11.6-inch form factor. The roumoured ultraportable should also end up somewhat thinner than the original Air. Digitimes claims it will be powered by Core series ULV parts and that it will be built by Quanta.

Thanks to Apple’s legendary secrecy, the report is nearly impossible to verify, so take it with a grain of salt. Digitimes believes the new Air will be introduced in late 2010 and that Apple will ship up to 400,000 by the end of the year.

We can only speculate about the spec or price, but if it’s much thinner than the original Air, we are obviously looking at nearly as thin as Dell’s Adamo XPS. Also, it means that the compact Air will not be able to house an HDD, as even the current 13-inch model uses a 1.8-inch drive or an SSD.

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