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Shaffer hints upcoming announcement

by on15 July 2010

Two new titles apparently in the pipeline
Tim Shaffer, who is one of the head honchos at Double Fine, confirms in a recent interview in Eurogamer that his company is hard at work on two new titles, both of which are in various stages of production.

Shaffer’s company has only released two titles so far in the company’s history, but the company has deployed a new strategy which will allow them to work on two titles at once. In the past, the company has favored a smaller development team and only worked on one title at a time. Sources have confirmed to us that apparently both of the upcoming titles already have a publisher and they will not be one of the big budget super titles that the company has been known for in the past.

While Shaffer would not confirm anything, he has indicated an announcement is upcoming soon. While some outlets have predicted that at least one of the titles might be an Xbox Live/PlayStation Network download-only release, Shaffer has not confirmed that this is actually the case.

Double Fine’s latest release, which was the big budget Brutal Legend, was met with a mixed reaction from players and the media reviewers. Sales of the title were fair, but it was far from the out of the park home run that many predicted the title would be. The release of the title was far from easy after it was canned by Activision and then later released by Double Fine though EA’s partners program, which resulted in a lawsuit from Activision (which was later resolved).
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