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Infinity Ward is hiring

by on24 June 2010

They have a lot of vacancies to fill
With all of the departures from Infinity Ward, many had already written the future of the studio off. It seems that after the mass exodus has subsided, there are plenty of vacancies o fill at Infinity Ward. Activision and Infinity Ward are out hunting for and recruiting the best talent available to fill these slots.

Infinity Ward has a rich history; and despite the fact that many of the founding employees are no longer with the company, our sources tell us that many of the remaining employees are confident that they can continue and will bring in new talent to help the studio grow again in the right direction.

Getting the word out that Infinity Ward is looking for talent appears to be a top priority. The company is using a variety of methods to recruit, including banner ads in a variety of places. The studio plans to recruit only the best, and the company is serious. According to what we hear, the developer is confident that they can attract top notch talent who will talk to the studio despite the recent employee departures.
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