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Sony dismisses Nintendo's 3D

by on22 June 2010

Everyone wants shades

Sony supremos have been telling the world+dog that no one wants Nintendo's 3D gaming without glasses.

According to Kotaku Sony Computer Entertainment's Kaz Hirai said “in house research”, which means they asked around the office, indicated that naked 3D for portable machines is not high and there are presently limits for it.

It is not |3D which is the problem though. Sony is releasing a series of 3D high definition televisions that require viewers to wear 3D glasses. The PS3 is also 3D enabled, but likewise requires glasses. Hirai said Sony is currently not thinking about bringing 3D glasses-free gaming to its own portable, the PSP.

Hirai  said that once Sony is able to offer glasses-free 3D “at level it seems suitable” it could  offer it  on the PlayStation Portable. He added that  well-realized 3D games to the PS3 was an admirable goal. It's just a shame that the initial buy-in requires several thousand dollars for a new television.

It looks like people will be looking like they are auditioning for a Blues Brothers tribute band for a while yet.

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