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Many analysts declaring Nintendo the winner

by on17 June 2010

In the battle of the E3 press conferences

Early feedback seems to indicate that at least with many industry analysts, Nintendo’s retro message resonated well, and the fact that the company brought their “A” game has led to many declaring Nintendo the winner of the E3 Press Conference battle. It seems, however, the “gotcha” for the consumer might be if they are not actually a Nintendo fan. Despite this, however, Nintendo seems to be the winner this time around, according to those who claim to know.

As for Sony, many felt their showing was better than expected. There are a good mix of new titles and offerings, but many felt that the 3D push that the company made didn’t translate well. As one respected analyst told us, “I am just not that excited about 3D and it does not appear that consumers are, either, if you have to wear those stupid glasses.” The one big negative comment that a lot of people are making is the confusing pricing of Sony Move. Depending on your situation, you have to figure out which is the right way to purchase what you need to make Move work. Despite all of this, Sony’s outing does appear to be less disappointing than Microsoft’s.

Having the privilege of going first in these press conferences can be both a good and a bad thing. Most analysts that we spoke with hoped that Microsoft would show Kinect at the initial special launch and then spend the majority of the rest of the main press conference talking about everything else. Instead, at the main press conference we were drowning in more Kinect demos than anyone liked. As one analyst put it to us, “Beyond the game play of Gears of War 3 and the launch of the Xbox 360 slim, the rest was all about Kinect; and honestly, that was not what anyone was expecting.” After viewing the press conference we tend to agree that we, too, found it a bit of Kinect overload and just not that compelling.

After reviewing all of the press conferences,  we give Nintendo an “A”, Sony rates a “B-“ and Microsoft gets a “C+”. It was just not what we would have expected. While not all of the companies received a failing grade from Fudzilla, it seems that Microsoft especially might be missing the mark. While it is obvious that they want to change the experience with Kinect, they might have done better to scale it back some. Many we have spoken with have not found Kinect or the software for it very compelling so far.

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