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Online sales drop

by on17 December 2007


Christmas not a happy time

Online retailers are not doing as well out of the Christmas rush as they hoped.

U.S. online retailers are suffering from the same slump that their high-priced street competitors are dealing with.

According to ComScore, online sales from November 1 through December rose 18 percent from the same period a year ago to $22.67 billion. However, sales have been growing buy 26 percent on a year by year basis anyway, and this could be seen as a drop.

While online merchants are stepping up promotions to extend the season, e-retailers are just as vulnerable to the economic challenges as their rivals with physical stores.

U.S. customers are considered about the downturn in the housing market and fear that the country could fall into recession due to higher petrol prices and an uncertain stock market.

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Last modified on 18 December 2007
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