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PlaysForSure logo program kicked to the curb

by on17 December 2007

Microsoft will take some heat for this

When the Zune made its entrance into a crowded music player market space it raised some eyebrows due to the fact that the box lacked the Microsoft “PlaysForSure” logo. This left a lot of consumers scratching their heads, while others saw it as Microsoft trying to use slick marketing and not call attention to the DRM-laden Windows Media Format. The goal of the logo was reportedly to make sure that consumers knew that tracks that they were purchasing would play on players that had this logo.

At least for the time being, Microsoft has decided to pull back by killing off the “PlaysForSure” logo in favor of a new logo under the “Certified for Windows Vista” program. Now, we are sure that consumers will be confused, for sure. (No pun intended.)

So, does this logo mean that players that carry it will only work with Windows Vista? This, as we know, is very stupid, considering that most people are still using Windows XP. Does this mean that players purchased before the logo change will stop being supported on Windows XP?

Once again, we don’t know who in Microsoft’s marketing department thought that this was going to be a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that that this ranks up there with “Microsoft Bob” in the bad ideas department. Good luck Microsoft, trying to increase market share when you are advertising on the box that your player only works with Vista, when most of the world is still running XP.

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