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The new EVGA 8800 GTS SSC with 112 Stream processors is fast

by on27 November 2007



  The fastest 8800 GTS on the market

After the 8800 GT hit the market, customers started losing their enthusiasm for 8800 GTS cards. The 8800 GT performs better, and it's €100 cheaper, so why should we buy 8800 GTS again? The only argument that speaks in favor of 8800 GTS is the fact that the new cards feature more Stream processors, and that means more power. Previous 8800 GT’s featured 96 Stream processors, whereas the new models feature 112. The new 8800 GT’s are still based on the good old G80, but the word is out that we’ll soon see 8800 GTS cards based on G92 core, in the first half of December nevertheless.

Today, we’ll talk about what you can purchase right now, and that’s EVGA 8800 GTS 640MB SSC with 112 Stream processors, and it comes pre-overclocked by EVGA.


Comparing the EVGA 8800 GTS SSC specs to the old 8800GTS specs, we see that aside from the 640MB of memory, they’ve got no similarities. 8800 GTS SSC’s core, memory and Shader processors are all overclocked.

Memory was boosted by 200MHz and now it runs at 1800MHz (1600MHz on the old card). The new core runs at 576MHz, which is faster than the old core by 76MHz. Shaders were also boosted by 150MHz (the old Shaders ran at 1200MHz).

Number wise, the new 8800 GTS SSC should easily beat the previous version, but Shader speeds at 1350MHz are still not enough to compete with 8800 GT’s Shaders that run at 1500MHz.


Geforce 8800 GTS has 640MB of memory and 320 bit memory bandwidth, so with some additional Shaders it should do well versus 8800 GT, which has 512MB of 256 bit memory, but also a faster core that runs at 600MHz. 8800 GTS SSC card should score better results at higher resolutions, mostly due to more memory and better bandwidth.

Speed wise, 8800 GTS SSC is better than 8800 GTX that runs at 575MHz, but obviously, only by a mere MHz. All this points to 8800 GTS SSC as a winner, but G92 core on 8800 GT is better optimized and packs a better video engine.


In the package, EVGA included nice gifts, such as Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Crysis. You won’t get them both, though; you will have to make a choice when buying the actual card.

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