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Pink slips sent to CompUSA employees

by on14 December 2007


The retailer doesn’t even try to make a bad situation better

It seems that CompUSA isn’t well versed in how to properly treat their own employees. The recent letter that was sent to these employees informing them that they were going to be without a job seems to reinforce that point.

We are not suggesting that they needed to write a college thesis, but a little more than “We thank you for your service to CompUSA” should have been mentioned in the letter.  To compound matters, this letter was delivered during the holiday season,  and you would expect the Senior Director of Human Resources to show at least a little bit of compassion to all of the people who are losing their jobs during what is normally considered a cheerful, celebratory time of the year.

While I never had too many complaints about my treatment as a customer at CompUSA, many other people I have spoken with have said that they felt the company had policies in place that made their customer experience very unpleasant. If this letter is evidence of how CompUSA believes a company should appropriately handle sensitive subjects with their employees, it is no wonder that company is closing its doors. If you can’t even treat your own employees with a little respect and dignity, then how can you be expected to treat a customer in a way that will make them want to shop in your establishment?

You can have a look at the CompUSA employee lay-off letter here.

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