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Geneva 2010 AMD mobile dual has 15W TDP

by on30 November 2009


Q2 2010

After AMD's
recently launched Congo platform comes Nile, which is scheduled for launch in 2010. Congo codename got replaced to 2nd generation Ultrathin as some people were against the name because of a massive genocidal campaign in Congo, which claimed the lives of around 5 million people in the past decade. We can assure you that AMD was just thinking about cool codenames for its chips and didn’t have time to bother with politics.

Anyway, Congo is powered by Conesus dual and single Core CPUs and Nile will be powered with Geneva dual and single-core CPUs. Geneva looks quite nice, it is still based on K10.5 45nm core but it has two cores 2MB of L2 cache, finally a DDR3 800 support and new ASB2 package.

The top mainstream Geneva has a 15W TDP, three down from 18W with mainstream Conesus. The essential version Geneva has a 12W TDP, some 30 percent down from 18W on Conesus essential series CPUs. Value single-core Geneva has 1MB of L2 cache, DDR3 800 support and a 12W TDP, three down from a value single core Conesus.

We expect them in Q2 2010.  

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