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Wii shortage in time for Christmas

by on11 December 2007


Few around

In the run up to Christmas it appears that there is a worldwide Wii shortage.

Retailers are warning that they have none on their shelves and some companies admit to hiding them in their warehouses so that they have something to sell over the next two weeks. Nintendo says it is producing 1.8 million Wiis a month in a bid to keep up with demand.

According to CNN money , George Harrison, Senior Vice President of Nintendo America, said the company had not managed to keep on top of demand because it was shipping and selling everything that it received from overseas.

Gartner analyst Van Baker said there was just enough demand out there to justify going looking for it. This does Nintendo good, as people get a 'must have' feeling about the gear. Other analysts are predicting that demand for the Wii will continue like this for the next two years.

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