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Dell releases more Adamo XPS teasers

by on13 October 2009


Great for cutting prosciutto

Dell has
show off a few more photos of its upcoming Adamo XPS wafer thin notebook.

Measuring just 9.9mm at the waistline, the XPS will be the thinnest notebook on the market. However, Dell is still mute on the specs. All we know is what we can see on the photos, i.e. it will have a couple of USB 2.0 ports, some audio jacks and DisplayPort. We assume it's a 13-incher, and Dell's engineers came up with a rather strange screen design. Basically, it seems to fold into the chassis.


While we're keen on the latest tech, DisplayPort might not be the best choice. Most people, or should we say screens, rely on DVI or HDMI input, and there's just a handful of DisplayPort devices on the market. Incidentally, many of them are Dell's. Worryingly, most of them cost well over €500.

Mind you, €500 probably isn't much for people who will actually buy the XPS. The original Adamo Thirteen launched at $1999, and this thing could easily end up even pricier.


So, there's still no word on price, specs or availability dates. If we were to speculate we'd say it will probably launch at the end of October, feature Intel's CULV processors and solid state storage, and it will cost two arms and a leg and a half.
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