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Ultra low voltage Arrandale starts at $278

by on21 September 2009


Two SKUs in Q1

Intel’s replacement for quite successful ultra low voltage thin and light notebook generation, powered by dual core Arrandale CPU that has CPU on the same socket won’t come cheap.

Intel plans two SKUs for launch in Q1 2010. The first and the slower one of the two is Core i7 620UM and this dual-core with four threads works at a miserable 1.06GHz and has 4MB cache, but with turbo feature it can overclock all the way to 2GHz.

It will sell for $278 that means that notebook that features one inside won’t come really cheap. The faster of two is Core i7 640UM and this CPU works at 1.2GHz has two cores with four thread support but with the help of turbo it overclocks all the way to 2.26GHz, at least when you are plugged into a power socket. The faster of two will sell for $305 wholesale price and it should be available in early Q1 2010.

These 18W TDP CPUs with graphics will probably have a slightly weaker battery life compared to their predecessors, especially due to power hungry and quite useless hypertreading, but the performance with Turbo should be much better, of course at a high cost in terms of battery life.

Current generation 45nm CULV parts start at just over $100, but most dual-cores sell for $289. While Arrandale isn't that pricey compared to the latter, you shouldn't expect it in cheap designs any time soon.

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