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VIA promoting NetNote 1080p capable netbooks

by on17 September 2009


10.2- to 12.1-inches

VIA hasn’t
had much luck in taking on Intel in the netbook market so far, but it is not giving up. Today the company officially launched a new 1080p capable platform, half way between Atom powered nettops and proper notebooks. No wonder it decided to brand it NetNote.

NetNotes will be powered by VIA C7 or Nano processors coupled with a VIA VC855 chipset capable of tackling HD video in H.264. Unlike Intel-based netbooks, the NetNote will not suffer from Intel’s netbook restrictions and it will be available with 10.2- to 12.1-inch panels. Although you’ll still get 1024x600 on the smaller screens, bigger models will feature a much more serious 1366x768, much like Intel CULV based ultraportables.

Apart from the superior screen and CPU/chipset combo, NetNotes will also feature up to 2GB of memory and up to 320GB of storage, effectively doubling the memory and storage capacity found in Intel netbooks.

It seems like a reasonable concept, but the main concern for VIA is getting enough design wins. Obviously this won’t be easy, especially considering VIA it didn’t have much luck in pushing its Nano CPU, which was in many respects, superior to Intel’s Atom N270.

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