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Upcoming Apple tablet rumors continue

by on16 September 2009


New rumors fuel more future speculation

In what
seems like the never ending saga of the possible upcoming release of the new Apple tablet product, our sources have shed some light on what the future will hold.

Our sources are now saying that the first Apple tablet will be a 9.6-inch product that will feature a touchscreen developed by Wintek for Apple, and it will be powered by a P.A. Semi processor that Apple happens to own. The battery is said to be coming from Dynex, which seems to be indicating that it has a contract to produce 300,000 of these custom battery packs for Apple.

As for connectivity, at least the first tablet will feature built-in HSDPA, which means that it is likely that in the U.S. that AT&T has already cut a deal to be providing the cellular data connectivity for it. No EVDO Rev A, at least for now, as it appears that Verizon and Apple could not come to terms once again.

As for the when, sources tell us that we will see a launch in February 2010. It is said that it will retail for between less than $1,000 when it arrives. Our sources seem to believe that the price will likely be between $799 and $899, and it is less likely that it will be closer to the $1,000 price point.

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