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OS X tablets in development at Apple

by on31 August 2009


Still in prototype, but will likely do a 13” & 15” model

We shook the fruit tree and found that Apple appears to be working on both a 13” and 15” tablet that run full Mac OS X, in addition to the 10” tablet that the company is closer to releasing very early next year.

While the 10” version is expected to run from the same basic code base as the iPod Touch/iPhone, the 13” and 15” prototypes in the lab at the moment are running full Mac OS X and are being heavily evaluated and tested to see what the potential future could be for such a device.

From what our friends of the fruit tell us, while the demo units were built for Apple no one seems to be able to confirm who actually built these prototypes; however, they are made of aluminum using a shape that is similar to a very large iPhone.

While we know that Apple is committed to pushing the 10” tablet model out, it is unclear as to how the 13” and 15” models would fit into the Apple product line and what segment these would be targeted at. Our sources insist that it might be a proof of concept more than anything else and also a way for the company to hedge its bets in case the 10” model leads to friends of the fruit going crazy, asking for a larger version that runs OS X. Anything is possible, right?

We are doubtful that anything regarding this is going to become clear soon; it could be that it might just be one of those prototyping things that never make it to market.

Last modified on 31 August 2009
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