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Astro launches high-end gaming headset

by on10 December 2007

For Xbox 360 and PC

A U.S. design company that goes under the name, Astro Studios, claims they helped design the Xbox 360 and some of the Alienware systems among its projects. They have now launched their own retail brand, Astro Pro Gaming Equipment, and their first product is a high-end headset.

The headset itself isn't that remarkable, to be fair, but the A40 headset, as it is known, looks very comfortable and is a stylishly designed device. It has a removable boom mic which can be attached to either side, and a wide range of high-end features when it comes to the speakers and cabling. The sides of the earphones are also removable, and apparently can be swapped for other designs.

What really makes this product stand out is the A40 Mixamp, which is either available as a bundle with the headset, or separately. This is a fully integrated Dolby Digital and Dolby Headphone amplifier with optical and coaxial S/PDIF input, as wel as analog RCA inputs and a 3.5mm jack for your MP3 player. It also has a jack for mic input from a PC.

But the features don't stop there: if you're attending a LAN party and your friends also own an A40 Mixamp, you can connect them together for team-based chat. This might sound really odd, and we're not sure how many people would really consider this; besides, you'd have to site quite close to your mates for this to work.

The A40 headset will be available for US$199.95 on its own, with the Mixamp at US$129.95, or a bundle of the two for US$249.95. It will be available starting on the 17th of December. You can find out more here

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