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HP DV2 gets a dual-core makeover

by on12 August 2009


Neo L625 for €730+

As you probably know, AMD's Neo mobile platform isn't really doing all that well, and statistically you probably stand a better chance of running into a pig in downtown Kabul than running into a Neo-based notebook. In fact HP is the only major vendor to offer Neo in its notebooks. Well, one notebook actually, the DV2.

  However, in spite of that, AMD has revamped the platform with a dual-core CPU, the Neo L625. Of course, we're still talking about a 5-year-old K8 design, but at least it ships with a decent chipset and a nice IGP, or even Radeon HD3410 discrete graphics. 

HP has embraced the new dual-core and it's offering it in the DV2. Along with the 1.6GHz Neo L625 you get 4GB of memory and 320GB of storage, as well as Radeon HD3410 graphics with 512MB of memory. This all sounds rather nice, but at €730 the new DV2 SKU is simply too pricey.

You can easily get a 13-inch dual-core CULV for that kind of money, and you can even get Radeon HD4330 graphics on it if you think you need more than an IGP on an ultraportable. Sadly, we don't think AMD can do much to match Intel in this market segment, and things won't get much better any time soon.

Anyhow, the dual-core DV2 should start shipping in Europe tomorrow, and you can find some listings here.
Last modified on 12 August 2009
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