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New Gigabyte netbooks available in Europe

by on23 July 2009


Cost an arm, a leg, and a another limb of your choice

Back at
CeBit, Gigabyte showcased three new netbooks, and we liked all three of them, especially the 0.9 kg Thin Note.

Unfortunately, that particular model isn't available yet, but the more conventional Booktop M1022M and touchscreen T1028M are now available, at rather steep prices.

The M1022M is a run of the mill netbook powered by an Atom N270, with 2GB of memory, a 10-inch screen and a 160GB hard drive. The cheapest version is currently listed at a mind boggling €549. A SKU with UMTS support and 1GB of memory costs €649, and if you want 2GB, you'll have to pay €50 extra.

The slightly more interesting Touch Note tablet features the same spec, N270, 1GB or of memory, 160GB hard drive, UMTS and a swivel touchscreen. It's selling for €699 or €749, depending on the spec.

We've found the listings at a sole retailer, so there's still a chance prices will end up lower once they become readily available. The trouble is, even if they end up quite a bit cheaper, say 25 percent, they'll still be quite pricey for this heavily contested price segment.

In case you don't mind the high price, you can get one here.
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