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Thermaltake intros graphics card PSU

by on07 December 2007


Comes in two flavors


Since some of the newer high-end graphics cards tend to use over 300W of power under load, Thermaltake made a decision to launch a dedicated PSU for graphics cards. Thermaltake's Toughpower Power Express will be available in two versions, 450W and 650W.

Both versions are basically the same and feature two +12V rails with 30Amps per rail. The only difference is in the maximum power, dimensions and cooling. The 650W version takes up two 5.25" slots, while the smaller 450W version only takes up one. The cooling of the bigger one is taken care of by a single 80mm temperature controlled fan that spins at 3100RPM and produces 39.6CFM of airflow, while the smaller 450W uses dual 40mm fans with fan speed of 6900RPM and 8.5CFM of airflow. The 450W version's twin 40mm fans spinning at maximum 6900RPM sound a bit noisy.

Both PSUs feature a 24-pin adapter so it can be synchronized with the main PSU, two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors, two 6-pin PCI-Express connectors and an AC power cord that is routed over the PCI-slot bracket included in the box. The front of the new graphics card PSUs feature a honeycomb design for exhaust and triple LED indicators. The LEDs show if the PSU is active and which of the two rails are in use.

You can check out the smaller 450W version here and its big brother can be found here.


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