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Square Enix and Sony sued

by on07 June 2010


Final Fantasy freezes gets class action

Square Enix
and Sony Computer Entertainment America has been slapped with a class action lawsuit because the popular PS3 Game Final Fantasy XIII game freezes and sometimes even destroys the PlayStation 3 consoles.

Daniel Wolf from San Diego, California sued claiming that the game caused severe and widespread damage since its release last March. While playing Final Fantasy XIII, consoles froze up causing them to be totally un-repairable, Wolf said. The game was much anticipated with players standing in line to buy on launch day.

When the problems appeared Sony and Square Enix blamed each other Square Enix said the console was faulty, and Sony says it’s the software that caused the issue with the consoles. Meanwhile no one is actually fixing it. More than $5 million worth of consoles that were affected by the faulty systems.
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