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Why is Blizzard skipping E3?

by on09 February 2009


BlizzCon was so successful, E3 not necessary

With all of the recent about face with many publishers on their stance towards being at E3 this year, when Activision was announced as one of the exhibitors at E3, it was initially thought that Blizzard would also follow Activision by announcing that they would also be exhibiting at E3 as well. However, It seems that this is not going to be the case as we can confirm that Blizzard isn’t going to be at E3.

According to sources, Blizzard is so busy working on the development of their upcoming titles that this is where the company focus needs to be. The company had already identified a number of events this year where the company is planning to share the latest on titles that are in development.

In addition the company was very satisfied with the turn out for BlizzCon 2008 with attendance figures that were better than expected. BlizzCon is held in the same general area as E3 and it is thought that this fact has factored into the company’s decision not to exhibit at E3 as well. No information regarding BlizzCon 2009 has been released yet, but it is possible that this could also be a factor in the company’s decision as well.

With the tough economy at the moment, it is likely that the company is being wise at how it spends its money, so the decision not to do E3 might have more to do with a possible expansion of BlizzCon 2009 that could be on a date that is close enough to E3 that it just isn’t worth spending the money to do both events.
Last modified on 09 February 2009
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