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Halo 3 gets blamed for teen murdering his parents

by on18 December 2008


Well, were they the Covenant?


Seventeen-year-old Daniel Petric is currently charged with and being tried for killing his mother and father; and once again, the careless youth has blamed it on video games. Daniel’s defense argues that this teen’s video game addiction was what directly led to the incident.

Several witnesses, including his sister and best friend, testified that his addiction is indeed, true, but maybe they should have picked the GTA series, as the Halo-argument didn’t actually work. The problem occurred during cross-examination when Daniel answered “no” to the question of whether Halo 3 was the reason for his horrific actions.

I sincerely hope that lawyers will lay off the “games made me do that” arguments, as they might end up diluting many nice games, not to mention forcing political correctness on them. As for this unfortunate incident, I guess proving that they were the Covenant apparently wasn’t considered the best defense.

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Last modified on 19 December 2008
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