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Rockstar announces GTA IV PC patch details

by on09 December 2008


Fixes ATI issues, crashing, etc.


After fans’ quite upset reactions to the game not running properly, Rockstar announced that the patch is on the way and shared some details. Although Rockstar claims that only “one percent of users” encountered problems, GTA IV forums beg to differ, as they’re packed with disgruntled users who have probably expected to finish the game by now.

The patch will fix certain crashes, improve the video editor, introduce a fix for ATI 1900 shadows, improve particle systems, etc. Unfortunately, what it won’t do is fix the most common problem and that’s the graphics code, but there’s still enough time for Rockstar to address these problems.

Nvidia and Rockstar collaborated on making a new driver that’s supposed to improve performance, and we wonder whether ATI will do the same.

You can find the full list of improvements here, where you’ll also find the Nvidia/Rockstar driver.

Last modified on 10 December 2008
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