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Ensemble Studios says Microsoft made a mistake

by on18 November 2008


For shutting down the studios


In a recent interview with dpadmagazine.com, Ensemble Studios’ Grame Devine said how Microsoft made a mistake, commenting on their decision to pull the plug on the studios.

Apparently, Halo Wars has taken over four years of his life and he’s not planning to walk away. He added how finishing the game and selling it is the easiest thing to do, and how they’re “not really in for that,” as they want to make it as good as it can be.

Since this game is very important to everyone in Ensemble, investing all their strength is their “proud shout to Microsoft.” He also added that “Ensemble is going out with a bang,” which should paint the picture of how bad this Microsoft decision was.

You can read the full interview here where he also mentions he’s not planning to work in the company that will be formed out of remnants of Ensemble.

Last modified on 19 November 2008
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