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Fable II gets a strange Facebook support group

by on20 November 2008


Players who set fake families on fire


Well, it’s not actually called that, but rather “The Association of Accidental Arsonists,” but it’s still hilarious. Fable II got a Facebook group for users who accidentally burnt their in-game families alive. (Accidentally, sure, whatever... sub.ed.)

The problem is that B button is often assigned to one of the powerful fire spells, and all it takes is a simple slip of a finger and your loved ones, or anyone who’s nearby for that matter, is reduced to ash.

So from now on, Facebook offers support for these poor souls, but not only them as they’re willing to reach out to others who have accidentally damaged property or killed someone. Talk about reaching out and making the world a better place, eh?

You can read more here.

Last modified on 21 November 2008
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