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The first 11 minutes of Resident Evil: Degeneration emerge

by on12 November 2008


The upcoming CGI movie


We have just finished watching the first 11 minutes of the upcoming CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration, and we can’t help but say - wow! If the beginning is anything to go by, then we’re looking at a potential blockbuster, among gamers at least.

The graphics are great, the physics also, but the story is really captivating and it will surely give a much more detailed story of how the zombie menace came to be, than it was the case with the games.

The first 8 minutes are violence-free, but for the other 3 minutes, which are split into a separate video, you’ll have to verify your age, as it contains some quite gruesome scenes. You can view the video here.

Last modified on 13 November 2008
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