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iPhone is the future of gaming

by on12 November 2008


DS(i) and PSP are not, Apple claims


Apple’s marketing executive, Greg Joswiak, claims that the iPhone and iPod Touch represent the future of gaming, dismissing serious players on the scene such as DS and PSP. Although he didn’t point a finger and name them, how many top-notch portable gaming devices do you see on the scene now?

Joswiak claims that these are more in the past, as iPhone is easy to carry, features a touch display and electronic distribution also significantly helps in forging the iPhone into a portable-gaming giant.

He also added that iPhone now features numerous games, not only casual ones, and that the pricing among these devices is simply incomparable, as iPhone games cost about £5.This will result in people buying more games, since you can buy 5 games for the price of one on other devices.

As for portability, Mr. Joswiak is right on the money, as the iPhone is in your pocket day and night, but regardless of the price, the quality of games is something that I currently wouldn’t even attempt to compare with Nintendo’s DS or Sony’s PSP.

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Last modified on 13 November 2008
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