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Problems with peripherals plague release

by on28 October 2008


Guitar Hero: World Tour not without problems

It seems that the release late Sunday of Guitar Hero: World Tour, which is the latest installment of the popular game, is off to a rocky start with users reporting problems with peripherals that are all the talk on the support forums for the product.

According to what we have been reading, the issues seem to be surrounding the drum kit that is included with the game, but complaints are also cropping up on the wireless guitar, as well. The complaints range from everything to problems with the kick pedal, drum pad sensitivity issue, and issues with the downward strum on the wireless guitar not responding after repeated play.

While Activision is trying to sort out the issues, it seems that most of the replies that they have made so far suggest that users check the batteries and connections for problems. To Activision’s credit, however, they seem to be working with RedOctane’s support to start processing warranty claims related to the problems that users are having.

Problems with quality of the peripherals that have been included with the music games have been a target for easy criticism since the first music game was released. In order to make maximum profit and get the game to the target price point many consumers have griped that the companies often skimp on the quality of the peripherals that are included with games of this type.

While it is yet to be really understood how much of a problem Activision and RedOctane have with the peripherals, it is clear that the company need to try to clean up these issues, as well as reports of issues with the promised cross-compatibility between Guitar Hero and Rock Band 2. Several sources have told us that the Guitar Hero drums apparently do not work with Rock Band 2 on the PlayStation 3 version of the game. The Xbox 360 version of the game does not seem to be suffering any cross-compatibility issues.
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