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COD: World at War will be selling a day early

by on27 October 2008


In GameStop stores


Planetxbox360.com reports that GameStop will be selling Call of Duty: World at War one day early, at 5:00 P.M. (local time) on the 10th of November. This is not a special deal between GameStop and Activision, but rather a hasty pickup from Fedex facilities that will save time and allow for early sales.

This promises a nice sales headstart for GameStop, spelling some serious bucks, of course, but we're not sure whether Activision will allow this to go through. Either that or it was a special deal after all.

Still, if this goes through, it means some early-early previews, and we're really looking forward to that. So, a word of advice - hard core fans should check the weather channel and bring plenty of water and canned goods before they set up camp in front of the stores.

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Last modified on 28 October 2008
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