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Snake could be coming to Xbox 360

by on16 October 2008



Mabe not a PS3 exclusive any more

You might want to chalk this up to the “we will believe it when we see it” column, but word reached us that Konami is looking hard at the possibility of bringing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots to the Xbox 360 platform. MSG4 was released as a PS3 exclusive.

Of course, rumors of a possible port of MSG4 had been floated before, much to the delight of Xbox 360 owners that have wanted the game on the 360 platform. The problem is that Konami said from the start that MSG4 was designed for the PlayStation 3 and to take advantage of the PlayStation 3 hardware makes a possible port to the Xbox 360 much more difficult. Also adding fuel to the fire against a possible port to the Xbox 360 platform is the continued claim by Sony that the game is only possible on the PS3, as it uses the full capacity of the Blu-ray media.

According to our sources, Konami has only shipped 3 million copies of MSG4 since launch and it might be looking at the possibility of bringing the game to the Xbox 360 as a way to drive additional revenue for the title. With the possibility of using the Xbox 360 hard drive as part of the storage for the game, it might be possible to load the core parts of the game on the hard drive and use a couple of discs to make the storage less of a problem, according to our sources.

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