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Snyder signs 3-game deal with EA

by on30 September 2008


Director of 300 and Watchmen to build new titles

In a move reminiscent of the signing of Steven Spielberg back in 2005, Electronic Arts has signed acclaimed director, Zack Snyder, to a three original title deal with the company.

Snyder will be responsible for overseeing the development of the three new unique titles at Playa Vista studios in Los Angeles. EA will retain all of the IP and will reserve the right to make the games into a movie using Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Films production company.

Snyder said in a released statement that he is a longtime fan of the games that EA creates and he looks forward to collaborating with them. He does think this presents a unique chance to tell a story in a different way through a video game.

Like many of these collaboration deals that we see studios sign these days, it is hard to tell if it will really bear fruit or not. The Spielberg deal that EA did has only yielded Boom Blox so far, but our sources tell us that development continues on a big title that is known as codename “LMNO,” but as you might guess details are still sketchy surrounding the development of this title.
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