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FarCry 2 in-game trailer emerges

by on29 August 2008


Brace yourselves


Our colleagues over at gametrailers.com have gotten their hands on an in-game trailer from FarCry2 with some developer comments on what they did to make this game as great as can be.

The game itself does look great, although certain scenes look like they’ve been enhanced to look better on the trailer. Still, there’s some great features, like your weapons actually getting dirtier and more scratched the more you use them, and they even start locking up and blowing up in your hands after being worn out. 

The same goes for cars - eventually they break down and you'll have to get out and repair them, and you'll also see some seriously cool night and day cycles, etc.; but we’re quite confident we’ll be seeing even more impressive stuff within the game.

Anyway, enough talk, you can view the trailer here.

Last modified on 30 August 2008
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