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Could Keyboard Hero be around the corner?

by on28 August 2008


Not for Guitar Hero or Rock Band

Well, the rumors have continued to fly that the next versions of both Rock Band and Guitar Hero would feature the addition of a keyboard, but that seems not to be the case, at least not this time around.

A good majority of the songs just don’t have keyboard parts, and due to this fact it just does not make sense for them to add a keyboard at this time. What is more likely is that we will see a new game that is likely to be titled Keyboard Hero at some point in the future, as RedOctane did file a trademark application back in 2006 for that name.

While we don’t know the specifics, we do think that a keyboard title is coming at some point in the future. The real question is if they will integrate it into Rock Band/Guitar Hero or whether it will be a standalone title. We think that it is likely that we will see both, but only the future knows what is next for this ever growing segment of gaming.

Last modified on 28 August 2008
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