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Sub-$20 great Wii games roundup

by on26 August 2008


Don't be cheap - buy a heap!


Buying games is not always an easy task, as we live in a time when we see more and more beautiful looking but more or less boring and already seen games. You know that feeling – I just splashed out $50 bucks on something that’s as interesting as a screensaver and it plays like one too.

Reviewers sometimes can’t help either, as they’d be much more critical towards a game that they actually have to pay for. So, what’s left ,you ask? Stick to the tried and true, and if you’re not a hardcore I’ll-play-anything-that-comes-out gamer, then you’ll love this, as there are some seriously good games here.

Our colleagues from racketboy.com have assembled a great list of Wii games that cost less than $20, and you’d be amazed how many quality games are out there at rock bottom prices. There are a couple of Resident Evil titles, Zelda The Wind Waker, and some other classics and new games, as well.

You can find the list here.

Last modified on 27 August 2008
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