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Funcom fires an employee for in-game cyber-sex

by on11 August 2008


Age of perverted Conan


OK, in situations like these you seriously have to ask yourself what the hell were they thinking? Personally, I think cybersex is no more sexy than a blue screen, although some might find that sexy, too, but spicing it up with Age of Conan scenery – now that’s just sick. Now take it up a notch and consider that a guy lost his job for doing just that, and you’ll get what I’m aiming at.

Apparently, one G.M. was engaged in cybersex by a male player that introduced himself as a girl who just happens to play a male character because she hated guys hitting on her in WoW. Furthermore, they even found an “appropriate” place for that and hit it off. (I'm considering opening a chain of motels in WoW and Age of Conan as we speak, get a room, people. sub.ed.)

Toward the end of this “steamy session,” the girl playing a guy said “This is Sparta” and confessed that he’s just been pulling the G.M.’s chain and how he’s got AIDS. Still, you’ve got to congratulate the guy/girl for too much spare time and the now former Funcom employee on some rather poor judgment, to say the least.

You can view the full Romeo-Connanette transcript here.

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