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What to do with your broken XboX 360

by on06 August 2008


Consult “The Apology Manual”


Well, XboX 360 spelled many troubles for its hard-core fans and its failure rate of 16% definitely means that it will break – eventually. We’ve even seen some disgruntled fans buy a couple of them, and even talk to Microsoft’s customer support and tell them to hold one in stock, in order not to wait too long on a replacement.

However, people have still not lost their sense of humor, and we’ve seen some nice advice for Microsoft – make an apology manual. Since these consoles will break eventually, and there’s even a good chance that you’ll also get a broken replacement, you shouldn’t bother – just skip customer support and start putting your XboX to some good use.

Among the ones that really cracked us up is using it as a Nintendo Wii stand, as well as using your “deceased pet” as the world's saddest kite. (Leaky gas stove + plugged in Xbox360 = spectacular, yet environmentally friendly suicide option sub.ed.)

You can find the manual here.

Last modified on 06 August 2008
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