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Comcast to face class action lawsuit

by on16 November 2007


Caught with its hand in the cookie jar

Well, it seems now that all of the rumors and talk about Comcast engaging in bandwidth throttling and traffic shaping will play itself out in court. Jon Hart has filed a class action law suit against Comcast. The class action lawsuit includes all Comcast users in California who purchased Comcast broadband Internet services.

The lawsuit steams from what is being called the deliberate sabotaging of P2P traffic by Comcast, using bandwidth limiting techniques and traffic shaping technology. The lawsuit also claims that Comcast is or was transmitting hidden messages to the computers of users that are or were using P2P applications.

It will be interesting to see how this unfolds in court, as some people are suggesting that the freedom of the Internet is at stake, as well as what ISPs who provide service are or are not allowed to do to restrict access to certain services on the Internet. Some view the lawsuit as nothing more than people trying to protect their transfer of copyrighted material over P2P networks. One thing is for sure:  this will not be the last lawsuit of this type and it will be one nasty case to watch as it airs its dirty laundry in the media.

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