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Tiberium screenshots emerge

by on04 April 2008


Coming out in fall


Yesterday, Electronic Arts released the first screenshots from its upcoming game, Tiberium. Tiberium is a new tactical FPS and the setting is devastated planet Earth where there’s an epic battle for resource control.

In the game you play as battle commander Ricardo Vega, commanding elite units fighting on the most dangerous battlegrounds. The commander’s arsenal features a personal transforming weapon, main ship, tactical attacks with ion cannons, tactical bombardment, etc.

Players will have a chance to control combined infantry and armor units, as well as commandeer the airstrikes. The idea was to enrich C&C and add a new dimension where players will be able to fight in first person, and it will most likely prove to be a hit, at least with C&C lovers.

The game will feature single player and multiplayer modes, should hit the shelves in fall 2008 and will come in PC, PS3 and XboX 360 flavors.

Here are the screenshots:




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