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Add-On for Mass Effect

by on07 February 2008


Bring Down The Sky is here


Just before
launching Mass Effect, Bioware announced that they would follow up with additional packs and missions. After the game sold in millions of copies, it was time to deliver on the promises. And thus – the publisher put his add-on where its mouth was and gave us Bring Down The Sky.

It’s a mini add-on costing 400 Microsoft points and it will be out on the 10th of March; and, of course, will be available through the XboX Live service.


Bring Down The Sky brings us a completely new alien race named Batarian. These boys are considered an extremist group taking control over a mobile asteroid station and set it on collision course with a nearby colony known as Terra Nova. That’s when you, Commander Shepard, come into the game, and have to save millions of innocents before the collision happens.

Bioware claims that this mission is about 90 minutes long and is worth 50 gamescore points. You can find a couple of screenshots here.

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