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Manhunt 2 wins appeal hearing in the U.K.

by on11 December 2007


Third time lucky


Rockstar has won its appeal and forced the British Board of Film Classification to reexamine its ban on Manhunt 2.

The Board has already rejected the controversial title's certification twice, which has resulted in a nationwide sales ban for the violent game. Rockstar took its case to the Video Appeals Committee, which has given it new hope by ruling in the company's favor.

The director of BBFC, David Cooke, said that the game was rejected on previous occasions for its "focus on varied and cumulative killings," that the step was taken in the public's best interest and that BBFC staff played the game for well over 30 hours before making the decision to ban it.

Unless the BBFC takes any further action, the game could finally go on sale in the U.K. soon.

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