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PhysX Warmonger launch date set

by on20 September 2007


October 16th


NetDevil has announced that Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction, the full PhysX first person shooter will arrive on October 16th. The title will be available for download.

We saw Warmonger at the Games Convention and you can read about it here. In short, we were really impressed. When paired with an AGEIA PhysX card this game has something that NetDevil calls dynamic game play and we call it a lot of fun. As you probably know, Warmonger uses the Unreal Engine 3 from Epic Games, so nothing new there. Actually that's a plus for Warmonger since Unreal Engine 3 looks great.

Key features of Warmonger are five different weapons, like a grenade firing rifle, an RPG and there's also six different maps to play. The game is also introducing a new way of "playing" a FPS, there are no places where you can hide. Walls and rocks are no longer an issue. AGEIA and its PhysX card will certainly benefit from this title because it just looks and feels really good. 

You can check out more at the Warmonger web site.


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