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Holland gives green light for Manhunt 2

by on31 August 2007


Adults capable of making decisions

Rockstar's Manhunt 2 title, which was banned in U.K. and Germany, can be released in Holland. The Dutch Ministry statement said that, if they ban it, they would go against their own law which states that adults are capable of making their own decisions.

According to the statement of Dutch Justice Minister Enrst Hirsch Ballin, "The current law is based on the principle that every adult is considered capable of deciding for himself which games he wants to play, unless it contains illegal material." You still have to be more then 16 years old to buy it, but that's better then the USA "AO rated" one.

We are talking about the non-edited version, not the edited "M rated" one for the USA. Take-Two Interactive edited Manhunt 2 and was given an easier to sell "M rating", which should hit USA shelves on October 31.

The best thing is that people will be able to buy the complete version of the game in Holland. The big question is when, since Rockstar hasn't announced a release date for Europe. Shipping doesn't cost that much and the pleasure of playing the non-edited version will certainly be better then the M rated, edited one.

And the Manhunt II story goes on.

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