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Quake Wars likes Nvidia, interview

by on23 May 2007


Open GL to bring DX10 features on XP

made an internal interview of its "The Way It's Meant To Be Played" partner, Splash Damage Ltd. the guys behind Enemy Territories: Quake Wars.

This is probably the biggest OpenGL title that might come out this year and we played the demo back in August 2006 at a games convention and it does look great. The guys behind Enemy Territories: Quake Wars claims that they really like the mega texture feature and this will allow them to use a big texture to model a realistically looking terrain.

OpenGL has slowed down and everyone knows that, but with extension mechanisms, manufactures of high end cards can expose DirectX 10 features in Windows XP. That is what Mike ‘m1ke’ Armstrong a graphics programmer at Splash Damage Ltd thinks.

The main catch for OpenGL is that developer or hardware manufacture can write their own extentions to support Shader model 5.0, while in DirectX 10 Microsoft has to do it and release the new API. Microsoft's way can end up slower to market, but it is not always as the Redmond giant throws a bunch of cash in this kind of development work.

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