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iPhone prototype finder regrets his actions

by on30 April 2010


Seems like a really nice bloke

The man
who singlehandedly started a chain of events that eventually resulted in a criminal investigation of Gizmodo editors says he's sorry about the mess he helped create.

21-year-old Brian Hogan, who found the prototype iPhone at a Silicon Valley beer garden, claims he tried to return the iPhone to its rightful owner, but that nobody claimed it. His lawyers claim he regrets not doing more to return the phone and argue that he is a nice young man that any parent would be proud of, and we see no reason to disagree.

Hogan's lawyer Jeffrey Bornstein claims Gizmodo mislead his client. “Even though he did obtain some compensation from Gizmodo, Brian thought that it was so that they could review the phone. Brian believed and Gizmodo emphasized to him that there was nothing wrong in sharing the phone with the tech press,” said Bornstein.

Bornstein went on to say that Hogan is involved in a number of humanitarian actions. Apparently he works as a part time swimming instructor at a church community center, he teaches English to Chinese students and he volunteered to teach kids in a Chinese orphanage and plant a friendship garden in Vietnam. Sounds like a great guy, right?

However, we can't but wonder why he didn't contact Apple when he realized he was in possession of a prototype iPhone. It's not that we believe he did anything wrong in selling it to Gizmodo, hell no, but we think Apple would have paid much more than $5,000 to get its precious toy back and get an NDA signed by Hogan. Taking money from Apple is a service to humanity, much like helping Chinese orphans and planting trees in Vietnam, perhaps even better in the eyes of the Almighty.

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