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Apple to charge for mobile adverts

by on29 April 2010


The reason for multi-tasking revealed

If you
wondered why Jobs Mob was thinking that it would be handy for users to bring in multi-tasking, you should think again. Apple have just announced it is going to charge close to $1 million for ads on its mobile devices this year and perhaps even more.

All fair enough but it suddenly explains Apple's sudden enthusiasm to bring in multi-tasking on the iPhone. For ages Apple insisted that it was not bringing in multi-tasking because it drained the battery too fast.  Then it watched as rivals bought in the technology without many problems. However the iPhone OS 4.0 is supposed to allow multi-tasking for the first time and many of us wondered why.

It turns out the reason is the iAd, software system to offer ads in the applications available in its App Store. To get it to run without miffing users Jobs Mob has to allow multi-tasking.  True the user gets a benefit, but it should not be thought that Apple is actually doing them a favour. In fact it does mean that iPhone users will be the first real victims of mobile marketing.
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