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iPhone SMS database hacked in 20 seconds

by on25 March 2010


Fully patched iPhone

2010 hacking contest has seen some interesting developments that will once more fall on deaf ears of Jobs’ mob who seem to still believe that an Apple a day keeps hackers away.

Vincenzo Lozzo and Ralf Philipp Weinmann have managed to break into iPhones’ SMS databases, including deleted messages in only 20 seconds. Note that the iPhone was fully patched and up to date. The exploit is as simple as luring users to a “rigged” website, but the potential of this exploit is said to be greater than just hacking messages.

The two “competitors” received $15K for their trouble and, as is expected, the exploit will be kept under wraps until Apple finds a way to fix it.

More here.

Last modified on 25 March 2010
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