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Verizon forces Blackberry owners to use Bing

by on23 December 2009


Google not good enough

Microsoft appears to have an ally in its browser war with Google. US wireless carrier Verizon has forced its BlackBerry customers to employ Microsoft's Bing search engine.

It has removed all other default search-engine options from their BlackBerry Browsers' "Start" or "Go to" pages. Only a few days ago Blackberry users could see Google, Yahoo and Wikipedia options when they looked at the search screen. Now there is just Bing.

Verizon BlackBerry users can still manually access any search engine they please by typing the corresponding URL into the BlackBerry Browser. However you have to know what to do and look for, whereas most Blackberry users probably are too busy to be bothered.

Verizon and Microsoft have clearly struck some kind of deal, as the wireless carrier recently decided to ship the brand new BlackBerry Storm2 9550 with an exclusive, dedicated Bing search mobile application in October.

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