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Apple flogs iphones back to China

by on14 August 2009


Coal to Newcastle

Chinese people
are about to be able to legally get their hands on Apple's iPhone, the gismo they have been building for the rich capitalist dogs in the West.

According to International Business Times, Unicom, China's second largest cell carrier, has paid $1.46 billion to buy 5 million iPhones from Apple. The first batch of the phones will be made available to Chinese customers as early as next month.

Prior to this the only way that Chinese people could get an iphone was to smuggle one into the country via Vietnam. The phone will be locked to Unicom and the price will be well out of the range of most Chinese.

The price for the 8GB iPhone will be 2,400 yuan ($350) and the 16GB version will cost twice as much. These will be competing with jailbroken iPhones smuggled in from other countries which are on the market for far less.

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